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The world´s most precise portable PT/INR monitoring system ever. Unmatched clinical performance using direct mechanical clot detection. This simplistic approach to PT/INR testing has delivered a stellar clinical performance history since its introduction. Now you can get direct clot detection PT/INR technology in a convenient device with state-of-the-art features including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Near Field Communication (NFC), and an easy to read color touchscreen.

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The most precise POC PT/INR system ever.

When clinicians and researchers want the most accurate means of determining prothrombin time, they turn to either the World Health Organization (WHO) mechanical tilt tube technique or the Fibrometer. Both these methods use a mechanical approach to directly detect clot formation, but they are cumbersome to perform. The Coag-Sense® PT/INR Monitoring System represents a breakthrough in point-of-care prothrombin time monitoring technology by miniaturizing and simplifying a direct mechanical means of detecting clot formation. Coag-Sense® is the only true prothrombin timer on the market. Everything else is guessing at when it thinks a clot has formed.

Image-coag-sense-pt/inr-mechanical wheelSuper-accurate direct mechanical detection.

By directly detecting the clot, the Coag-Sense® system avoids the challenges that plague other systems that use secondary means of clot detection like monitoring changes in impedance. For example, the concentration of red blood cells or other substances in blood sample can affect results in the measurement process of those products. The Coag-Sense system simply lifts the fibrin clot from the reaction well which interrupts a simple light beam. The PT time is the actual time from when the blood sample is applied to when the clot is formed. This produces results similar to the gold standard WHO tilt-tube method.

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Test Strip Kit

Test Strips
The Coag-Sense® Test Strip Kit includes 50 individually pouched test strips each with up to a 2-year room temperature shelf life. Also included in the kit are 54 sample transfer tubes, 2 high control strips, 2 low control strips and control activation solution.


Sample Transfer Tubes w/Plunger
Sample transfer tubes offer easy collection and application of blood sample to the test strip. Since only the tube touches the patient’s finger, they provide bloodborne pathogen control and reduce instrument cleaning between patients. Test strip waste is also reduced as you know you have enough sample before you apply the blood to the strip. Each Coag-Sense® Test Strip Kit includes a vial of sample transfer tubes. Extra tubes can be ordered with or without the plunger preloaded.


Control Strips
True functional controls are in included in each box of test strips. The purpose of quality control testing is to verify the integrity of both device and reagent performance. Coag-Sense® is the only portable system to offer true control strips which contain the same thromboplastin used in the patient test strip along with plasma of known INR.