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There is no substitute for direct clot detection.

The Coag-Sense® meter directly measures clot formation, so the time required to perform a test is the actual prothrombin time in seconds. By not using look-up tables or curve fitting algorithms, the Coag-Sense meter offers accurate results in less than a minute.

A more direct approach to INR Testing.

Measures actual time required for clotting
The only portable monitoring system that directly detects clotting endpoint – a system that emulates the WHO reference method
Allows greater confidence in results
The patented technology of direct clot detection delivers accurate and precise (CV 2.5%) results even in the high (>4.0 INR) INR range. The reportable range is 0.8 – 8.0 INR.
True functional controls included
The purpose of quality control testing for a prothrombin time test system is to verify the integrity of both device and reagent performance. Coag-Sense is the only portable system to offer control strips which contain the same thromboplastin used in the patient test strip along with plasma of known INR. Two sets of high and low controls are included free with each box of patient test strips.

Simple, accurate sample collection.

Small sample size
Just one drop (10µl) of blood.
Sample transfer tubes (included)
Allows steady transfer of sample to test strips
Reduces strip waste by ensuring correct volume delivered. Supports proper blood-borne pathogen control efforts.

Multiple Connectivity Options

The Coag-Sense system offers clinics and patients wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and wired (USB and Ethernet) connectivity options for sending results data to electronic health records, testing service providers, printers or POCT data management systems such as TELCOR or RALS.

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Set Target Ranges and Alarms
Target therapeutic ranges or testing alarms can quickly be set to aid in testing frequency and reviewing test results. Memory recall holds 2,000 patient results and 500 quality control results.


Near Field Communication (NFC)
Test strip lot information is quickly and easily communicated wirelessly to the Coag-Sense meter via an NFC chip on the test strip kit box.

Printing made easy
Add an optional Bluetooth/USB printer and testing results can be quickly documented.

Data Entry Made Easy
Using an optional wired or wireless barcode scanner, operator and patient ID can be quickly captured for data management.

Extending your control from the clinic to the patient’s home

Consistency of monitoring between office and patient’s home

  • Same system provides consistent results; may help patients become more compliant under your supervision.

Convenience of portable, connected design

  • Patient can take meter when they travel. Bluetooth connectivity to service providers allows test results to be captured instantly. 

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) supervision

  • Coordinates patient’s home testing results and reports results to provider; can help improve testing
    adherence, insurance adjudication, and supplies.


  • Medicare covers weekly home PT/INR monitoring for patients with mechanical heart valves, chronic
    atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism.